Ice Link is both technologically advanced and extremely simple to operate. Its patented vacuum delivery system and automated ice monitoring technology make it a turnkey solution for food service, ice bagging and merchandising applications.

Here’s how it works: An icemaker from any manufacturer is coupled to the Ice Link main unit that stores up to 350 pounds of ice. The Ice Link system will automatically monitor and deliver ice to as many as four use points as well as dispensing ice from the main Ice Link unit. Additionally, a volumetric feeder option can dispense preset amounts of ice to devices such as auto baggers for supermarket or convenience store merchandisers and vended ice in bags and chests.

The Ice Link system is controlled with an easy-to-operate computerized user interface. This also activates the auxiliary dispensing port for ice-bagging or other uses.

Each use point is fitted with an optic sensor that communicates with the Ice Link main unit. As soon as ice is consumed at the use points, Ice Link begins replenishing it by delivering ice to that location. Because the system works by “topping off” each use point, supply never runs out. Before any period of peak demand, the Ice Link main unit and all of the use points will be filled. In other words, the Ice Link system monitors and distributes ice as required to each point of use.

One of Ice Link’s significant advantages is its pneumatic delivery system. Ice Link employs the most efficient vacuum delivery technique, which has proven to be superior to anything previously available.

The 120-volt AC electro-mechanical system delivers ice cubes or nuggets immediately. Cubes travel through tubes at approximately 30 feet per second, up to 500 feet. Ice can be transported several floors up and many floors down, so the main unit can be positioned in an out-of-the-way location.

The Ice link system has very few moving parts, ensuring low maintenance and high reliability.

An automated, hands-free cleaning system is included with the system. It can be programmed to clean on demand at the push of a button.