Q - When was Ice Link Founded?
A - 1999

Q - Does the Ice Link system have all required certifications?
A - Yes, It’s NSF, CSA, and UL / ETL certified.

Q - Is the Ice Link system reliable?
A - In installations nationwide it has conveyed over 60,000,000 pounds of ice to date.

Q - Is the Ice Link System patented?
A - Yes, it currently has 6 U.S. patents in force and others pending.

Q - How does ice move through the system?
A - It uses air pressure and moves cubes one at a time, in a row and very quickly.

Q - How fast does the ice move through the system?
A - Ice moves between 25 and 30 feet per second!

Q - How much ice can the system convey?
A - Ice Link can move more than 900 pounds of ice per hour.

Q - How far can Ice Link convey ice?
A - It can move ice more than 500 feet horizontally and 40 feet vertically.

Q - How many locations can it feed?
A - Ice Link can deliver ice to four remote locations and can also dispense ice at the base unit.

Q - Is it limited to specific brands or types of ice?
A - No, it can convey ice from all current icemaker manufacturers including cube, nugget or crushed ice. 

Q - What about melt loss and condensation?
A - This is not a problem because the ice spends such a short period of time in transit.

Q - Is it difficult to clean?
A - No, the system does not require brushes or antiquated pull lines. The NSF-certified cleaning process is completely hands-free.

Q - Can Ice Link be installed in existing as well as new facilities?
A - Yes, it is available as a kit or fully installed for either application.

Q - How do I properly design my Ice Link system for full “Ice Management” functionality?
A - Using our custom software program, we will determine the best configuration for optimum performance.

Q - How do I justify the cost of an Ice Link system?
A - Using our automatic ROI tool, we will demonstrate how much it will save your organization during its life span, and present available methods for acquisition including purchase or lease.