Fast Food/Quick-Serve Restaurants – From main icemaker to drive-thru and numerous Ice Beverage Dispensers (IBDs). Can also send ice to coffee bar and blended drinks. In the near future it will supply ice to automatic ice-bagging devices.

Convenience and Grocery Stores – From main icemaker in rear of facility to IBDs for display ice or impulse sales bins, or to bagged ice merchandiser and vended ice bags and ice chests.

Full Service Restaurants – From icemaker in back of store to waitress stations, bars and salad bars.

Hotels and Casinos – From icemaker units located in non-customer areas to floor ice dispensers for rooms, to cocktail bars, to automatic baggers for room service and to banquet rooms.

Theaters – From secure icemaker location to snack bar IBDs.

Cafeterias – At hospitals, universities for employees; from secure icemaker location to numerous beverage service locations.

Cruise Ships – From secure icemaker location to ice use points such as bars, pizza parlors, casinos and restaurants. All of these can be located on different decks and served by one Ice Link system.

Military Bases – For troop feeding and use in PX.

Warehouse Hardware Stores – Automatic filling of contractor ice chests.

Blended Drinks – Send ice to mixers and blenders for smoothies, margaritas and custom beverages.